New owners keeping      
us informed!!!
Hi Jamie - Season Greetings to you and your family.....hope all is well.
Wilson is doing great....I just took these pics - he is grown like crazy.
Two weeks ago when he got his shots he was 31.2 lbs.....and he has the
longest body and legs......we are having so much fun with him.
Here are some new pictures of
CT(Trapper) at 4 months old.
Thanks AL and Jan
Well, I know I haven't exactly kept in close touch, between work and all, but Rupert has been growing and
learning nevertheless, and is a great, great dog. He's very well behaved, and doesn't bark (only on
command, or when he's frustrated at me), and has a seemingly endless supply of energy. He is incredibly
social, and loves meeting all kinds of people and animals. The kennel he's been staying at on occasion
has turkeys, horses, goats and dogs (it's an outdoor, ranch-styled kennel), and he loves it there, though it
tuckers him out. He's also grown into a large dog, and not around the midsection, either (he still has very
apparent ribs, and is quite lean, with a muscular upper body), weighing in at his 11month mark at almost

He's best friends with the cat, too (Yeah, I got a kitten, a month or two older than the dog), and they play
frequently. It's funny watching a 7lb cat play with an 85+lbs dog, but it happens. A lot. Several pictures of
such are enclosed.

It's great having a dog who I can take just about anywhere. Most shops around here love seeing him, since
he behaves so well, and it's fun being able to take him for a walk while getting some errands taken care of,
at the same time. Never mind that he has a beautiful coat, lean lines, and looks like a prized specimen of a
dog, if I've ever seen one
Thanks Steve
A big hello from Kitscoty and from KODA.  She is doing well and receiving big LOVE and
attention.  The house training is going times. Wink!  She has a dog run and has
adapted well to that.  We rented a citronella bark collar from the vet which has worked
VERY well.  Our neighbors even come over to ask to walk her.  She is very popular on our
street.  We all love her so much.  She is learning the sit/stay command and will do just
about anything for a treat.  We buy her fancy toys to play with, but she would just as well
play with a stick she found on our walk or in the ditch.  Once a farm dog, always a farm
dog, I guess.  I am sending you a few pictures of her.  She is such a nice looking K9.  She
already Heels very well and is pleasure to take on a walk.  I hope all is well in your world.  
We will keep in touch and update for time to time.  Take Care.

Hope you like these ones.  I will keep you updated.

Thanks for everything Jamie, we love him to bits.

Hi Jaime,
I just want to share some great pictures of Eddy. He is the best doggy in
the world and we love him so much! He is not only beautiful. He is also
very healthy, playful and very social doggy.
He is coming back from Kooteney Lake today with my husband after two
weeks swimming one hour every single day!!
Hi Jamie,
Hershey is still doing wonderful.  She is growing so quickly.  She is
over 40 lbs already and has such long legs.  She just graduated
from puppy kindergarten tonight.  She is really a smart girl and
knows so much: sit, stay, come, lay down, off, walk easy, shake a
paw, leave it, go to bed/mat.  And we are working on bow and roll
over as our next tricks.  She adds so much joy and love to our
lives.  Here are a few recent pictures of her: one at graduation
tonight and two at 4 months old.  

Take care,
Erin, Jonathan & Hershey
Hello Jamie,
Well, Toby is almost 5 months old now and I can't believe how much our life has changed and of course its for
the better!! He has such long legs and a beautiful soft, shiny coat! He is sooo precious, we love him. He is
definetly a mommas dog!! He is a huge cuddle bug and I mean huge! But yet he has lots of energy when we
are out and about! He is perfect! I have him in obiedence training and he is the top of the class...quick learner!
But has an attitude at times! haha He is teething right now so of course lots of chew toys for him and is
completely potty trained. Only a few accidents! He loves the water, loves to dig in the dirt and this summer my
plants took a real beating!   He is like his mom, likes to stand in his water dish when he is eating! Its soo cute!
He is a happy go lucky dog, loves everybody, and loves all animals. Here is a couple of photos of him. I have
taken sooo many that it is hard to choose. They are all from when is was 3-4 months old excpet for one of them
and that is the most recent one.
Hi Jamie:

I cannot believe that Emmy is already 15 months old. She is doing great and I am loving her so much!! We
have done some obedience training and she has done well. Emmy loves to go to the off leash park and run
and play with other dogs. She carries a ball in her mouth the whole time. If there is no one around to play
with she plays fetch endlessly. She loves to fetch in the river too and swim.

I take her to daycare sometimes especially in the winter so she can play all day - she is so tired when I pick
her up - she sleeps all night and is ready to go again the next day.
Hi Jamie,

We just wanted to drop you a quick Christmas hello.   Tikka is doing great!  She is as big as
Berkley , our 11 year old chocolate now!  She is very busy, but continues to be a wonderful
addition to our family.  She had a very busy summer swimming at the lake and playing with the
kids.  She is an excellent swimmer and retriever, she followed Berkley and in no time they were
retrieving together.

We recently saw Harley, my sister Deb’s black lab that she got at the same time.  Harley is huge!  
She is doing very well and looks beautiful.  We are hoping to get the dogs together over the next
couple of months.

I am sending a couple of pictures of Tikka.  We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New
Year, and thank you again for Tikka.  We can’t remember life without her!

God bless,

Sue and John Salmon

Jamie We miss you but dont dispair,
we love our new home. heres a picture
of us. sorry it took so long but we have
been training , hunting, walking and
chewing as much of our new dads stuff
as we can find. its great to be dogs. luv
Bella and Tony, aka.beast
Hey Jamie! (I tried to post this on your website, but could not upload a photo)

It's Gabrielle and Dio here, wishing you a happy 2011. Dio is now 1 year and
7 months and weighs in at a huge 110lbs! He's pure, handsome muscle and
the biggest, most gentle goof around. He loves a long game of fetch and
bitey-face with his 4 legged cousins and his newly adopted sister, Lita.
Everyone he meets loves him and we have had numerous offers to buy him! I
always direct them to you and I am certain that every lab produced is as
amazing as Dio.
Hope that this year is a wonderful one,

Gabrielle and Dio
Hi Jamie,
Sorry for the long wait but here are the pics of our little terror Chester.
Don't let the pictures fool you he is a hand full.
P.S. He is around 65 pounds now.

The only regret is not getting him sooner.
Amanda and Cory Woitas
Jellybean is doing great. She was quite the cryer last night. Think we had
about 3 hours of sleep!She and fudge are getting along great. They play very
well.Just a quick photo!  we love her!
Hi Jamie - here's a quick Hunter update....He's 10 weeks 4 days now.  We've had him home for 3 Sundays and it's going great!  Hunter
is a quick study - he knows sit, down, "leave it"&;," Manners" (for careful when taking the treat from my hand), and he is learning to
stay.  We have had a lot of company and a couple of puppy play dates with family dogs and things have gone well.  He's great with
the kids, and our 6-year-old niece spent most of her time in the backyard playing fetch with Hunter.  He's out for a walk 4 times a day -
twice with me and twice with our Nanny - we are so lucky!  He loves going for walks and I love it that he has figured out what a treat
that is!  He's also potty training really well, and we've only had a couple of accidents in the past 2 weeks - mostly me missing his
signals which are sometimes subtle!  He's also quite smart at using tools - he can move the stool to !
the counter and try to get up!  I was so surprised!  Of course, he wanted some grilled chicken - and it was good so he obviously has a
good palate too!  Needless to say, he is great, and we are really enjoying him.
Updated  May 2016
Hello Jamie,

Just thought I'd send you a quick update on how the puppies are doing. They are doing great and are getting so big. Bruiser wears a XL collar and
he only has one notch left on it! They aren't to tall yet but they are getting there. Midnight is turning out to be such a beautiful girl. She has the
most precious eyes! Bruiser is so thick and droopy still(lots to grow into yet) and Midnight is so lean and dainty! Having them both is perfect. We
recently took them to my parents farm to see how they'd react with all the different animals there and they were great! They are so curious but they
behave but man do those noses take them places haha
But all in all they are amazing dogs and we love having them!

Thank you once again

Here is a picture of them from a week ago!
Hi Jamie,
Been a while since I contacted you, thought it was time.
Cole doing excellent, no health issues to date, great temperment, strong
athletic build, great all around family dog (or 2nd child) Cole would have made
an excellent field trialer, assistance dog, drug sniffer, he is extremely intellegent
& we are very happy to have him. His puppy destructive side still shows from
time to time, but thats who he is.
Cole spends alot of time at the lake doing all the things that Labs love, he's
in really great shape.
Hope all is well with you and again am very sorry about Pearl.
Take Care
Kim, Grant, Zoe, Cole Evans
Grant,Kim & Zoe newest addition!
Thanks and we hope you enjoy him!
Taken home May 26 2012
Hello there,
Miss Midnight got to meet a few puppies from your farm this weekend out at our lake! A beautiful black boy
named Budha and a beautiful black girl named Ebony! Was ebony still at the farm when I picked up the
They all loved each other. It was like seeing triple. They are all so pretty and friendly. Every time we
walked by their site they had to come out and visit! It was to cute and Midnight really enjoyed it.
Midnight is still doing great. Such a smart beautiful dog and man does she ever love the lake. Her favorite
place I think!! Getting her out of the water is always a challenge. She just can't get enough.
I'm still very great full to have such an awesome dog!
Hope all is well you!
Here are some pictures of her
Here is another Hunter update - he is now 1 year 5 months.  He's become very easy to be around.  We took him to the
lake this summer and he was the best behaved dog.  He was just amazing. He is a great buddy for running, he loves to
be where I am, but he take care of the entire family - for sure.  He's great at letting us know if someone approaches our
door or yard with a few barks, but otherwise he is quiet and if I ask him to sit, stay, wait - he' s really good at that.  He has
the best recall of any dog on the off-leash park and he has really taken to agility (too bad I don't have enough time to add
this).  Our kids love  him, our family kids love him - everyone loves Hunter!!!  Anyone thinking of a lab - should definitely
consider it.  The puppy years are challenging but honestly - soooooo worth it.  Take care!
August 18
Update on Johnson
1 Year old!!!!

He's great other time's he's not ...Love him one minute and could ring his neck the
next!!! Stubborn.. But he's growing on us!!!

Gotta love our 4 legged Kids!!!!
Here is  a Pup from Charlie and Bama's 2013 litter her name is Lexi and her owner
is Travis:
This Jersey and her best bud Jessie